Other drinks

We don’t only supply a fabulous range of delicious teas and coffees, we also stock all the other drinks your customers will want.


We have a great range of Cadburys drinking chocolate in sachets, original and cocoa powder form. When your customers want the warm hug of chocolate, it just has to be Cadburys.

We also have the sprinklers to go on the top to complete an indulgent treat. Have a look at our product list to see our total range.

Chocolate Beverage
Classic Creemchoc 1kg
Le Royal Fairtrade Chocolate 1x1kg
Cadburys Chocolate Break 1x2kg
Cadburys Choc Break 1 Cup Sachets 50x28g cup
Cadburys Original Drinking Chocolate 1x2kg
Fairtrade Luxury Chocolate 1 Cup Sachets 100x25g


Squashes, Juices, Canned Drinks and Water

We pride ourselves on being able to supply you with all your drink requirements including squashes, Fairtrade juices, canned drinks and bottled water.

Have a look at our range below and then call us on 01403 784612 to place your order.

JP Fairtrade Orange Juice
Fairtrade Orange Juice 500ml Bottles 12x500ml
Fairtrade Apple Juice 500ml Bottles 12x500ml
Other Juices
Princes Orange Cartons 24x200ml
Princes Apple Cartons 24x200ml
Princes Orange 1 litre Cartons 12x1litre
Princes Apple 1 litre Cartons 12x1litre
Princes Tropical Juice 1 litre Cartons 12x1litre
Vivat British Still Water 24x500ml
Vivat British Sparkling Water 24x500ml
Canned drinks
Coca Cola 24x330ml
Diet Coke 24x330ml
Orange Tango 24x330ml
Apple Tango 24x330ml
Lilt 24x330ml
Dr Pepper 24x330ml
Sprite 24x330ml
San Pellegrino Orange/Lemon 24x330ml