Our Coffee Range

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Contessa Ground Filter Coffee Pack Size
Viennese Deluxe Coffee 45x45g
Viennese Deluxe Coffee 24x140g
Viennese Blue Danube Coffee 45x50g
Mountain Blend Coffee 50x65g
Mountain Blend Coffee 32x150g
Mountain Blend Coffee 30X85g
Royal Kenyan Coffee 45x55g
Regency Deluxe Coffee 45x70g
Pure Colombian Coffee 45x55g
Decaffeinated Coffee 45x55g
Other Ground Coffees Pack size
Douwe Egbert Traditional Coffee 45 x 60g
Twining Rich Roast 50x60g
Rombout Original Filter Coffee 45 x 50g
Coffee Beans Pack Size
Contessa Coffee Beans
Kenyan AA Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Kenyan Peaberry Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Kenyan Blend Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Costa Rican Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Colombian Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Mocha/Mysore Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Brazilian Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Decaffeinated Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Viennese Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Mountain Coffee Beans 6x l kg.
Italia Creme Espresso Bean 6x l kg.
Classic Italia Espresso Bean 6x l kg.
Decaff Espresso Pre Ground Coffee 1 kg
Portion Control, Coffee for All Cafetiere Systems.
Contessa 14g Pack
Viennese Deluxe – 2cup 1 x 100
Mountain – 2cup 1 x 100
Royal Kenyan – 2cup 1 x 100
Regency Deluxe – 2cup 1 x 100
Decaffeintated – 2cup 1 x 100
Colombian – 2 cup 1 x 100
Costa Rican – 2cup 1 x 100
Contessa Dispenser Pack Cafetiere Coffee
Twining Colombian 2 cup 100x15g
Twining Kenyan 2 cup 100x15g
Twining Costa Rican 2cup 100x15g
Twining Old Java 2 cup 100x15g
Twining Decaffeinated 2 cup 100x15g
Twinings Cafetiere Coffee Blends
Mellow 200x16g
Rich Roast 200x16g
Decaffeinated 200x16g
Coffee Pods Pack size
Double Coffee Pods 60x14g
Della Decaffeinated Coffee Pods 100
Grandioso Single Coffee Pods 150x7g
Instant Coffees Pack size
Nestle Coffee Granules 1x750g
Nestle Gold Blend Freeze Dried 1x750g
Nestle Gold Blend Decaff. 1x500g
Continental Freeze Dried Brazilian Coffee 1x500g
One Cup Instant Coffee Sachets
Nestle 1-cup Spray Dried Sachets 1×200
Nestle 1-cup Gold Blend Sachets 1×200
Nestle 1-cup Gold Blend Decaff. Sachets 1×200
Contessa Fairtrade Ground Coffee
2 Cup Costa Rican Cafetiere 100x15g
2 Cup Colombian Cafetierre 100x15g
2 Cup Cafetierre Fairtrade Blend 100x15g
Colombian Filter Grind 50x55g
Costa Rica Filter Grind 50x55g
Fairtrade Blend Filter Grind 45x55g
Fairtrade Decaffeinated 45x55g
Rombouts Organic/Fairtrade 1 Cup Filters 6×10
Rombouts Fairtrade Decaff 1 Cup Filters 6×10
1 Cup Filter Lids 45
Fairtrade White Sugar Sachets 1000
Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sachets 1000